1. Julie Reiner at Clover Club for Grub Street/New York Magazine 

  2. Jamie Bissonnette at Barbuto for Grub Street/New York Magazine 

  3. Last spring, I was lucky enough to travel to the South of France with Karen, an amazing and adventurous woman. Karen runs Bumbleberry Farms in Pennsylvania, where she keeps bees and makes honey products. She was interested in the possibilities of making lavender honey and invited me along to explore. We stayed in a magical 400 year old estate in the Drôme County. Every day we went out on little mini trips, visiting lavender farms and speaking with farmers, visiting apiaries and distilleries. I got car sick wheeling through the fields and mountains of the countryside and still, I enjoyed every minute of it. The thing I remember the most vividly is the way my body and hair felt greasy and gorgeous, smelling of lavender after the days adventures…. 

  4. happiness = backyard, birthdays, summer evenings, dear friends, a bathtub of ice cold pilsners….
    @pilsner_usa @demploi #bkcanparty 

  5. Outtakes from a shoot at General Assembly.

    Shot for Grub Street/New York Magazine, March 2014


  6. Delaware and Hudson, Patti Jackson’s charming new restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

  7. random summer scenes…. gettin ready!

  8. a weekend spent at Ten Barns Farm with Brooklyn Slate Company 

    - september 2013 - 

  9. An afternoon at Glady’s Caribbean, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

    April 2014

  10. Shot for Brooklyn Slate Company's blog, Plate the Slate (get the recipe here). 

    Most patient and adorable model: Garp 

  11. Shot for Brooklyn Slate Company's blog Plate the Slate 

    - Winter Cabbage Slaw - 

  12. Risas 30th Birthday Bash at Lan Veeuwen - NYC - April 2014

  13. Whole Orange Cake with Citrus Glaze, shot for Remedy Quarterly Issue 14 

  14. my all season soul mate 

    - brooklyn + montreal - 

  15. Snippets of life from NYC restaurants and bars  

    • Hill & Dale, Lower East Side
    • Peix Bar de Mariscos, Little Italy
    • Adelinas, Greenpoint
    • Cognac East, Upper East Side
    • Piora, West Village
    • Mominette Bistro, Bushwick